Fundamentals of Aqeedah

$50.00 / month for 6 months and a $60.00 sign-up fee

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Introducing a new short course! – Fundamentals of Aqeedah

As the issues in society that distort the identity and pure natural disposition of young Muslims rapidly increase, the time to teach our children their correct faith and creed is now! This course is meant to mentally challenge young avid learners and ultimately help them build an unbreakable connection with their Lord.

We will place emphasis on providing quality material and assessing the student’s knowledge through assignments, projects, in-class activities, discussions, and much more.
Spaces are limited! As per usual, class size will be limited to increase the quality of learning.

Course Details:

Duration: 6 Months- Starting Sep 9th, 2023

Days: Every Saturday

Age Groups:

10-15 years old (Exceptions can be made. Case by case scenario. Please Email)

Category 1: Time: 1:30 pm EST – 3:00 pm EST (Ages 10-12)

Category 2: Time: 3:00 pm EST – 4:30 pm EST (Ages 13-15)

Students will be marked, interacted with, and evaluated in accordance with their age and level. We also have a dedicated WhatsApp group for all parents to stay updated with their child’s progress.

Maximum Students: 25 Students Per Age Category 

Course Fee: $50 per month + One-time registration fee of $60

You will receive an email with further details and enrollment verification after signing up via the website.

Deadline for registration and payment: Aug 15th, 2023

Course Instructor: Amar Abdifatah

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